Halion Sonic/Halion 4

I had upgraded Halion Player to Halion Sonic, and then upgraded Sonic to Halion 4. My question is if I still can use Halion Sonic when I got it overwritten on my dongle from Sonic to Halion 4 ? I still have for the moment a Sonic trial registrated on my dongle for about two mounth, but what will happen when the trial has expierd ?

What I know is Sonic a multi tribal VST (you can use 1-16 tracks on the same VST GUI interface),
can I use Halion 4 on the same way ?


Yes you can also use Halion Sonic with your Halion 4 license. Halion 4 is basicly the same as Halion Sonic, but with allot of extra stuff.



Hi Magnetic,
Please tell me if you can use HALion 4 on Pro Tools 9.0.3. I can t do that becouse PT9 crashes imediatly when I tryed to use it.
On Cubase 6 it work fine but on PT crashes.
I use vst to rtas adapter from fxpansion (last version).
I will apreciate any sugestions. Thank you in advance,