Halion Sonic has lost lots of its sounds

Halion Sonic has lost half of my Vsts and I have reinstalled them but it makes no difference. In Library manager it says the vsts are all there with all their files but Halion Sonic is not seeing them. Was working perfectly at the beginning of the week but now they are not there. I have attached a picture of Steinberg library manager and that shows them all there and a picture of Halion Sonic 7 where you can see they are not showing. Anyone have a clue as to what is going on or how I can fix this? I need the Symphonic orchestra to wrok in particular as I am using it in almost all of the things I put together in Dorico.

See here:

The problem with this is I haven’t installed Cubase 13 . I’m still on 12


Hi Daniel, I have tried your patch but it has made no difference. Basically HalionSonic cannot see the Halion Orchestra and a few other items. Interstingly Halion Sonic SE 3.5 can see all of the Vsts. The problem is that quite a few of my musical projects that I was finishing now do not play and to make them work I guess I would have to get rid of Halion Sonic7 and make sure there is only 3.5 and then reload all the sounds into the pieces from scratch to get it to retain all of the sounds which would be a time consuming slow and tedious thing to do.


You certainly shouldn’t need to do that. If you try to manually load HALion Symphonic Orchestra patches into HALion Sonic using the MediaBay panel on the right, what happens? Do they appear? Do they load?

@Nic_62 , what also confuses me, the first screenshot of yours shows HALion Sonic loaded into the HALionStandalonePlayer and not into Dorico.
How does it look like when you load HALion Sonic as a plug-in in Dorico?

If I use the media bay option I get most basic sounds but nothing from the Symphony orchestra or the Olympus choir or Indian Drum basics . Halion Sonic 7 seems to think that none of them are there although they are all installed.


Does Dorico show you any warnings when it starts up about missing content? For the avoidance of doubt, could you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here?

I have a two screen set up so I moved it to the second screen. It is opened from the play screen within Dorico which was open with a project. I usually move the open Vsts to the second screen while working in Dorico .

Here is the diagnostic report
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (640.9 KB)

The presets definitely appear to be there, but I wonder whether the samples are somehow not? For example, for HALion Symphonic Orchestra, if you look in %ProgramData%\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound, do you see all of the expected files, around 60 of them, with names like FCP_SMT_001_HSO_Bass_Clarinet_Solo.vstsound and so on?

Yes they are all there. here is a screen print of them.

I presume you must have changed something in the background because all of the vsts have just reappeared in HalionSonic 7 . Thanks for that.