Halion Sonic Installation Isuue - VST Libraries Not Found

I used the ISO files for installation of 7.5 and Halion SE with no previous install of 7.06. During the installation of 7.5 I received an error that says Halion content is not available. Obviously at this point I’ve not installed the HSSE Content. When I click retry I get an another error saying that trying to locate the HSSE content failed, however the 7.5 installation does continue. I then proceed to install the Halion ISO. The install finishes with no errors. When I open Cubase I get this error. I can click ignore to got thorough the list of files not found and Cubase will open.
I uninstalled CB75. I the installed 7.06 from discs. It works fine no error. I reinstalled 7.5 and the same thing happens. However now when I open 7.06 I get the error there too, files missing.
I had 5.5 installed as well After doing the install of 7.5 I get the same error loading CB5 which does not even use HSSE.
What’s interesting is the files that are supposed to be missing are actually are in that directory. I’ve rescanned the media bay. Same result.