Halion Sonic installation.

I recently installed Halion Sonic 2 and while using it I get “some files missing” message. I wonder what is the correct way to install Halion Sonic?

This is the second time I’m installing it, and I remember that the first time I ran into the same message, and I somehow figured out what seemed to be the correct installation sequence – something like “install HS SE from original disks, then that update, then this update, that HS 2, then update from website”. But I can’t remember it now and frankly speaking wouldn’t want to waste my time on this again.

So the question is – how do I install fully functioning, up to date, complete, no files missing Halion Sonic 2?

I would expect all you should need to do is install from the 2 DVD’s for HS2. If you do not have HS2 discs, I would suggest submitting a support request in your MySteinberg account and your local support can send you links for them. I hope this information is helpful.

I only have HS 1 discs, trial version which was included with Cubase 7 box.

I think I’ve installed Cubase 7, then HS 1, then some update to HS 2 which I downloaded from ftp… And I’ve been getting “missing samples” message now and then.

I would suggest contacting your local support so you can get a complete installer for HS2 that doesn’t rely on your HS1. I hope this helps!