Halion Sonic Middle C - C3 or C4?

Why is it that Halion Sonic designates middle C as C3 on its keyboard? From all my researches, middle C is supposed to be C4.

Middle C being C4 is mainly an american thing. In many countries, including Germany and Japan (some of Steinberg’s biggest markets), middle C is usually called C3.

It is C3 throughout the Cubase (and Yamaha) universe. You’ll notice it is the same in the Key Editor. In any case middle C is always midi note number 60 independent of if it is called C3 or C4.

If you do some more detailed research you’ll discover that both C3 & C4 are in common use and it is fairly arbitrary which gets used by different companies.

As the (digital) music world has grown more MIDI oriented, too bad they can’t just call it C60.

Thanks for clearing that up. It’s a mistake to read the Wikipedia entry which doesn’t mention C3 at all.