Halion Sonic pianp too thin

greetings to all.

I love halion sonic and its a very usable vst workstation and has high quality sounds. The Natural Grand its the one that i like the most but i still believe that in the bass and high frequencies its still too thin. Im not a sound designer and i don’t have many experience.

Its there a way to make it sound more full?

PS: sry my bad english

I agree. Tonight I was playing my Reason Pianos refill and going back and forth between Halion Sonics pianos. Although he HS pianos are passable they don’t have the warmth, brilliance and dynamics compared to the Reason Pianos. I know more size means longer loading but I wouldn’t mind waiting to load better quallity pianos in Halion Sonic.
Question: how good are the pianos provided with the Halion sampler instument?