Halion Sonic Presets are not in Mediabay

I upgraded from Halion 3 to Halion 4.

Tried Halion Sonic Trial but waited for Halion 4 because I read that all presets from hs are inside the halion 4.
Ok so I uninstalled HS after end of the trial period.
Now installed Halion 4 and the presets from hs are not inside the media bay - I only can find them inside Halion 4 if I filter for the hs presets.

how can i put the hs presets inside media bay? I’ve selected the HS-VST-Sound Lib inside media-bay, but the “directory” seems to be empty.

any suggestions? thx!

I have the same problem. I reinstalled Halion 4 but all the soundset from Halion Sonic can’t be found on Mediabay, but it can in Halion 4.

Any help will be appreciated.

This is unfortunately a bug in Cubase but will be fixed in one of the next Cubase updates.

best regards

That’s great, thanks! :slight_smile:




Does anyone know if this has been fixed in Cubase 6.5?


Not in my 6.5. I only see 96 instruments of Halion Sonic, and only 46 of Halion One.

I’m sorry but Mediabay is a complete mess. :cry:

This is a huge downer considering Halion 4’s Mediabay does not have realtime previewing like the Cubase Mediabay does. After paying for Cubase 6.5, I would have liked to see this fixed so I could have realtime previewing of Halion’s presets in the Cubase Mediabay.

I’m trying to use the filters to see only “halion 4 factory content” in the halion4 browser, but it’s showing barely anything when I do this

This is normal and not related to the problem explained in this thread.

There are “only” 270 presets exclusive for Halion 4. The rest are Halion Sonic library content, and you can select it too.