Halion Sonic SE 2 Quick Controls

I think each Halion Sonic SE 2 preset includes Quick Controls. Big “orange” knobs below the middle of the instrument.
What I can’t understand is where are the effects they are “routed” to? Where, please tell me where…!

The quick controls are assigned to control typical functions such as Cutoff Frequency and so on. They can, however, but assigned to many other things using the Learn function. Just experiment with the controls and you’ll hear the how it changes the sound, what they do is not the same for each preset, but once a control learned it will stay with that for the project, unless you change it later.

Those effects are part of the program layer so you can’t access or edit them. At least not in Halion Sonic SE.
If you opened the same preset in Halion Sonic or Halion you would see them as inserts on layer buss.

Thanks men!

How can I map these knobs to the physical knobs on my midi keyboard?