Halion Sonic SE 2 "Trip"

Is anyone else not seeing the new Trip synth in Halion Sonic SE 2?

Halion Sonic SE 2 loads Ok and the content is there, including my Dark Planet, but no
Trip. I read in another thread there are two downloads. One for Cubase and one for Halion SE 2 content. Is that right?

I only did one download and now can’t get back to that download page.

Any help/advice appreciated.


In the email from the Steinberg Online Shop there are several links.
Klick on Download (underneath “Your Order”),this should take you back to the download page.

Hope this helps you.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve been trying that like crazy but can’t get back to the exact download page from where I originally downloaded 7.5.

I’ll have another look though.


Yep. That link from the email takes me to a message that says: “You currently have no downloads available.”

Yet Trip is still not available.
Halion sonic.jpg

Now this is odd.I checked after i´ve read your reply and it worked w/o problems.

Another tip:
try to go back to the download page via the history of your browser.
“Steinberg Online Shop by asknet”.
This works as well.

That’s a good idea, thanks.

It’s probably something I’ve missed. I was really looking forward to playing with Trip.

Really digging the new Groove Agent…

I´d love to play w/ it as well but the download is incredibly slow.Somewhere around 100kB/s…

Was there two downloads for you. I’m thinking that could be where I’ve gone wrong, though I can’t get back to the download page no matter what I try.


There were two downloads, one for the Cubase update, then the HSSE content link was just below that.

There are 2 downloads.
As the download speed deteriorated down to 17kB/s i closed all pages,cleaned cache and started from scratch.
One point which was new,i had to log in w/ my email addy and the password from the shop. (<- this is included in the email as well)
Maybe you accidentally jumped over this step.

Did doing that speed up your download?? :question:

Thanks. I think this is where I’ve gone wrong. I need the HALion_Sonic_SE_2_Installer_win.zip file.

If anyone could help I would be eternally grateful


Downloading the HSSE content at around 650kB/s now.
So i guess yes.
Could be damn luck as well.

Hope C 7.5 will download w/ the same pace.
Knock on head…er…wood :wink:

Do you have a link to the download page? Or is that not going to work?

Try that https://shop.steinberg.net/cgi-bin/depot?

Hm,odd…as i clicked on the Win HSSE content,i got the message that my browser can´t open the page.

Thanks. I was first asked to log in, which I did and then got the following message:

My Downloads

You currently have no downloads available.

So looks like I’m screwed until Steinberg sort it out, how ever long that will take. My own fault for not properly following the instructions. So frustrating though.

Doh.Hope it´ll get sorted quickly!

At the end of the default program name i.e. “First Contact” there’s a little “down arrow”. Click on that and you’ll get a new small “media bay” window. One of the library names is “HALion Sonic SE Trip”… (Make sure it says “Library name” in the first column in the Filter window. If you can’t see the Filter window then set it up by clicking the small icon in the lower left corner and tick in “Filter”.) Hope you’ll find it!

Thanks. Will check that out now :thumbsup:

Thanks again but this doesn’t work, see attachment.

I’m sure now it’s because I didn’t download the second file. The only problem is, when I try to get back to the download page and get it I get the following message:

My Downloads
You currently have no downloads available.

Which is odd since, if I didn’t download it the first time it should still be available.
No Trip.jpg