Halion Sonic SE 3.4. Doesn't show up in Logic

I can’t get my Halion Sonic SE 3.4. to show up in Logic Plugins list. There is no Steinberg folder. Halion passed Logic validations, shows up in Plugin manager, re-validates fine, but just doesn’t show up. The AU version shows up and works fine in Ableton Live 9, so it’s not an installation issue. AU component is where it should be.

Seems like I’m not alone with this problem, firs posts around the web appeared months ago.

Any ideas or solutions? Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Logic version 10.5.1, OSX 10.14.6. Mojave.

Hi HraZ,
unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to eliminate this issue right now.
We’re in contact with apple and we hope that they will provide soon a fix for Logic or tell us what we have to change in our plugins to solve the problem.

A possible workaround from the LogicProHelp forum is perhaps this one:

Finally I created a new admin user, started Logic and after the validation of the plugins I could create a new empty project with an instrument track. And YES, the Steinberg menu was there, I could use it again.

best regards
Gerrit Junge