Halion Sonic SE 3.5.x License problems (need vers. 3.4.x)

Hallo there,
Upfront , sorry to post it here, but i didnt find something more relative to post it there.
I work with Cubase 11 .
My Absolute Collection 1 (EDU) stopped working !!! It says license is missing!!
It says that when i load Triebwerk, Dark Planet or Hypnotic Dance . The license shows up in my e-licenser and also in my page it is registered.
Has anyone a clue what happened?

Thanks and greetings from Athens/Greece


I think this has to do with the newest HSSE, ver. 3.5.x. Can you try installing HSSE 3.4.x? Does it work?

You can find it in the Absolute 4 section of the downloader:

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Thank you for the fast reply, i will try that right away and tell you if it worked .
Because now the Symphonic Orchester doesnt work too

THANK YOU very much … this was it!!!