Halion Sonic SE 3 content installed from Cubase installer not accesible?

Hi, so I have a question regarding some factory installed content with the ‘HALion Sonic SE 3.5.10’ that comes with my Cubase Pro 12.
After installing just the installer and not the content pack, these VSTSOUND files were installed to location ‘C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound’;
FCP_SMT_047_HS_Tonewheel_Organ_01.vstsound (441 mb)
FCP_SMT_192_HS_Noise_Generator_01.vstsound (115 mb)
as well as some smaller files seen here

My question is what are these files as I don’t see them listed in the Library Manager anywhere yet when I click on the files it is stated they are already installed.
When checking the instrument in Cubase no files are listed to load, after re-scan of the directory in Mediabay.

Does anyone know what these files are used for or is it just over 600mb of useless files?


These are Macro Page graphics, noise samples for the Wavetable module and tonewheel organ samples used by Model C for the key on/off noises.

These files ensure that third party libraries will load correctly, and ideally shouldn’t be removed.

The Tonewheel Organ library is also used by some of the newer Halion Sonic SE presets. The reason it’s so big is because it includes a full deep sampled tonewheel organ recorded in a variety of configurations, not just the key click noises.

Is there any way to move these files? They are on my space-limited boot drive and since they’re not in the Library Manager I can’t move them to a secondary drive using that utility…?