Halion sonic se 3 "edit" is too big

Hi all,

I have Cubase 10.5 and I am using it on my laptop.
I am using an external instrument in Halion sonic se 3. The problem is that the edit windows is too big.
Is there any to resize it?

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Unfortunately, no.

Halion Sonic edit window automatically resizes to match the size of the macro page. While it may look good on high resolution monitors it causes problems like this on laptops and standard resolution monitors.

I’m not a fan of such large macro page either.

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Thanks for the reply misohoza.
It is indeed a pity because I like this instrument and I don’t have a double monitor.

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By the way, if you can write to the author of the instrument, they might be interested to know this info.

I have the same problem. All the other instruments in edit mode are working correctly. when i open this nice sounding instrument Modern 80’s Kit it resizes and cover the screen.

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Hey Matteo and everyone :slight_smile:

Dom here, I created the Modern 80’s Drum kit.

As I mentioned on my video, I had to make some tough decisions regarding the GUI. As you know, GUIs in Halion are not resizable for now.

The response for the instrument was incredible (thank you all!) but I had a few people (less than 1% of the downloads) that experienced the issue with the GUI size.

I know this is a free product for now, but I want everyone to have a good experience with it and make some music so I developed a Compact version of the interface for users with smaller monitor resolutions.

This should fit smaller screens comfortably.

If you have a smaller screen, drop me an email on my website and I’ll send you the updated installers with the Compact version included. It’s still in beta but from what I hear from beta testers it works fine :slight_smile:

Both versions work alongside on the same system so if you find yourself switching between small and bigger monitors you can choose the version that works for you.

Important: Make sure you have the latest version of Halionsonic SE (3.4.1) installed. Previous versions might show half of the GUI as they were not supporting larger size GUIs.

Hope this helps and I hope you make some awesome music with the instrument :slight_smile:



Many Thanks!! Now it’s working. :sunglasses:

Hi Dom
I saw your new kit love it well done man… I’m like you as in love sound design etc and I’m wanting to make a slightly bigger Gui in Halion 6 than the restrictive one for SE and So the question I would like to ask is what was the Script for expanding SE to accommodate your custom Gui for Modern 80’s Drums please.

I just purchased this and the compact is still huge on my laptop. Using in FL Studio if this matters, although it’s still big in the standalone.
Edit*** Had the old version of Halion XD

Hi DOM, This is Frank in Melbourne, Australia. I also have this same issue, so if its possible could you send me a link to your beta version?
PS, for me, on a larger monitor I get the full size screen, but on my 16" laptop, it jumps to about half size, with most of the page an empty white blank!

Hi Dom, after an afternoon of searching in handbooks and tutorials, I finally found out that I could search in this forum too. I also struggled with resizing the Halionsonic window, since I can not use the keyboard in that window. Dragging up the complete window is also not possible! So I read about your solution, and I would appriciate it very much if you can send me a link too! Thanks a lot!
Kind regards,
Walter from the Netherlands.