HALion Sonic SE 3 not installing in High Sierra

Funny thing is that I ALREADY have a High Sierra iMac running Dorico and HALion Sonic SE with no issues.
Now I’m installing same software, same licenses on an external SSD… and asks for Mojave (Mac OS 10.14)!!
What am I missing? HELP!

Hi @bernardoaguilargt , welcome to the forum.

The current Dorico version comes together with HALion Sonic SE 3.5 and that requires MacOS 10.14, so on your other computer you most likely still have the older HALion Sonic SE 3.4 installed.
You could simply copy that one over from your other computer.
It should be under (root of the harddrive)/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components
Copy the whole HALion Sonic SE.vst3 folder over and see how that goes.

Thanks for replying.
At the location you mention, there is just the file “HALion Sonic SE.vst3”, but is the exact same in the new drive (same size and date modified).
I have it already running in Dorico in the new drive, but my main goal is to use it in Logic Pro X (10.14). I have them working fine in the former computer but not in the new one.

Then have a look on the other, already working machine under /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3. Is there also a HALion Sonic SE.vst3 ? If so, copy that one over to your other computer (to the same location).

By the way, that vst3 appears to be a file but in reality it is a folder with subfolders, the OS just hides this detail away from normal users.

Checked my runnin copy of LPX and saw the HALion Sonic SE version: 3.3 (an earlier one). So, I looked around and downloaded a legacy version from another place.
Standalone is good now and running in High Sierra… BUT… Logic Pro X 10.4 still don’t recognize it.
I realize that’s another can of worms, I’ll post a new topic. Thanks for the help.

Looking also for a Halion Sonic SE 3.3 version for High Sierra.
Where did you find one?