Halion Sonic SE 3 plug-in no sound

I just installed Dorico Elements on my Windows pc. I installed Halion Sonic SE 3 as well. My issue is that I cannot hear sounds when in Dorico using Halion plug-in; however, I can hear all sounds when using Halion sonic stand alone. All my outputs are set correctly and volume is up. What am I missing?

Welcome to the forum @zapdaddy .

And when in Dorico and you open the HALion Sonic SE editor window, does it show that it loaded sounds? What if you click with the mouse on the virtual on-screen keyboard?
And another question, when you open the Dorico mixer window (F3 is the shortcut, I think), is there any channel in solo state or muted?

Have you reapplied the Playback Template for HALion in Play mode? That is always the first thing I try.

Well, I tried several things and now I only have 48000 to choose instead of 44100 as before but it’s now working!! I have no idea what I did. Yea me! Thanks

Did you go to Edit > Device Setup and opened the Control Panel of the audio device and in there tick marked the option for exclusive ? That would explain that you can’t switch sample rate anymore.