Halion Sonic SE 3 receives MIDI but plays no sound

Hey people,

I have Cubase Pro 11, and recently something Happened with the “Halion Sonic SE 3” Plugin, it just doesn’t play any sound.
I select some Preset and play the Keyboard in the plugin, and there is simply no sound.
Indicated that it previously worked Normally.
Does anyone Know what could be the reason ?
I am attaching a Pic from the Plugin, if it Helps.


Could you be more specific? Like, does the problem happen only in one project with one specific instance, or all instances, or with a new project and a newly loaded Halion?
Does the channel meter of the Halion Sonic channel show a signal?if yes, the plugin works fine, and there must be a problem with your signal routing or similar.


The Problem also occurs in a new project, in every project.
when i press on the keyboard, i do see in the plugin itself that the light turns on and it response,
but in the mixer, in the “Halion Sonic SE 3 ” channel, there is no response.


I have a very strange problem in Halion Sonic SE, looks like a bug to me.

When I go into Halion Sonic SE , select a preset and try to play something - there is no sound.
when i press on the keyboard, i do see in the plugin itself that the light turns on and it response,
but in the mixer, in the “Halion Sonic SE 3 ” channel, there is no response.

I tried deleting the Halion Sonic and reinstalling, it didn’t help.

I kept trying - After that , I selected in the inspector the button “No track preset”, and tried to select a preset from there.


When I browse, there is still no sound.

But when I choose preset with the white diamond - suddenly the sound works!

And what’s strangest, is that after I do that and choose another preset(with no white diamond) - it works too!

Not totally weird?

What is the preset with the white diamond anyway?
And how does it suddenly activate it?


The two squares are a single program/preset. The white diamond is a plugin “save state”, which will refresh the whole plugin when loaded. Halion Sonic SE doesn’t use the latter by default.

The Small Strings preset in your screenshot is a Padshop preset.

Close Cubase, and try the following:

  • Open Windows’ Programs and Features. There should be no Halion Sonic SE libraries listed here, but if there are, uninstall them.
  • Open the Steinberg Download Assistant, click Cubase Pro 11 and download and install the latest version of Halion Sonic SE 3 (3.5.10) and its content.
  • After that, open the Steinberg Library Manager and check if the Halion Sonic SE content has been installed correctly.

Thanks for the reply.

I did exactly what you wrote - still the exact same problem.

Let’s try to reset your Halion Sonic SE settings.

Close Cubase, go to C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg and then delete the HALion Sonic SE_64 folder.

Open the Cubase 11_64 folder and delete the following files:

Now start a new Cubase project and see if it works. Press F4 to check if your audio outputs are connected properly. Open Studio > Studio Setup to check if the correct ASIO driver is selected.

before I do that,
What are these files exactly and can it cause any problem if I delete them?