HALion - Sonic SE 3 - vst sound install library access

Hi am returning user to Cubase after many years –

I thought id test out hallion again – I’ve installed HALion_Sonic_SE_3.4.40 -& the complimentary
LoFi Piano that Steinburg provided for this holiday period.

When I open Halion - I can access the - LoFi piano, but not any of the additional content HALion installed - which looks like quite a lot,

am I missing something?

are they paid options? but install anyway?

Yes, most of the libraries in your screenshot are from Halion Sonic 3/Halion 6 and some addons. Not free and not part of Cubase.

that makes sense - so can I just delete them?

Yes, but use Library Manager to remove them.

You still need some of them like basic controls, additional controls, reverence impulse libraries.

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thats what confuses me as they arnt listed in the library manager

You are right. They are not libraries as such. They are installed with all versions of Halion and contain resources for macro page controls (knobs, switches…) and effects (reverence). They do not appear in Library Manager.

Just use Library Manager to add/remove libraries and leave the other vstsound files alone.

thank you :slight_smile: