Halion Sonic SE and Multiprocessing

I started a new project with just one instance of Halion Sonic SE, with 8 sounds and 2 fx loaded in multitimbral mode (on 8 tracks each with its own channel) using 3 stereo outputs and working in 5.1 suround and 32bit 96kHz.

Loads of crackles! So I raised the buffer size. No real improvement - though I can run anything else at the buffer size I started with, and this is not exactly a heavily loaded project!

Eventually unticked Multiprocessing in Device setup, and all crackles gone! Restored buffer size to normal and all is still ok.

Is this an i7 thing? First time I’ve come across this issue since building this PC.


On Windows 7, have you tried activating the Steinberg Audio Power Scheme in Device Setup / VST Audio System?

This one is a dedicated audio PC, so it is already optimised in bios and elsewhere in W7. The Steinberg Audio Power Scheme doesn’t do anything that hasn’t already been done.

I’ve been using various other multitimbral, multi-out VSTs, including GPO4, EWQL etc on this PC for nearly a year now with no glitches. Just thought I’d give HSSE a go.


That’s your choice of course, and if the other VSTis work fine then OK, but the sound set of HSSE is 24-bit @ 44.1kHz, so I imagine the sample engine has a lot of work to do in upsampling everything to 96kHz. Just out of curiosity, can you try the same project at 88.2kHz and 44.1kHz for comparison?

I’m sure that working at 44.1 would make life easier for the PC, but that isn’t the point.

The point is that this is the first indication I’ve come across that C6 and Hyperthreading don’t get on.