Halion Sonic SE and PD Browsing give different results

Hope this is a simple menu tick somewhere :blush:

When I browse inside Halion Sonic for a sound using the mouse I get a choice from a potential 5003 sounds (ie including Triebwerk and other plugins I have).

When I choose to browse using the PD CMC controller I get a choice from only 3487 sounds, (ie not including all the banks)

Any one have any ideas why these two browsers are different and why they return different results ? :confused:

It is probably restricted by default to the plugin filter. Show the filter window of that preset popup and reset the filter.

Yeah, I’m guessing the Browse button on the PD unit opens a browser that is pre-filtered to only contain presets for that specific plugin. I can’t reset this with the ‘filter reset’ button. Point is, if there are two different versions of the browser window (one triggered by mouse and one by the PD) then why is this? Really I just want to see the same thing, else I have to use the mouse to view all my options and not the PD… which was not really the idea :-/

are you sure you can’t? isn’t there a little windows control dialog on the bottom left? I’m not at my desk, so I can’t check. But, I’ve had to do that for a couple of plugins.

No, you mean the little box with the tick boxes in. I have filters visible already and hit the ‘reset’ button. This is what gives me the values I have above. Basically the Halion Sonic browser looks different to the one that opens using the PD and includes more sounds from more sources. I’m unclear whether I can define which one opens using the PD’s browse button (and actually why I might want to use the PD browse button if it only shows me some of my available patches). Quite odd ?

Yeah, there are two browsers … preset and I think the other one is MediaBay. The preset one will only show “instrument specific” patches. Since those other patches are assigned to another “instrument” they won’t show. At least that’s how I think it works.

Much appreciate your time on this. I guess it is a new feature of the browser in HS2 that it can show and play the other instruments from the VSTi collection (or at least some of them). It then shows the instrument inside the HS2 window for editing sounds etc. Just a bit annoying to be shown that feature and then denied access to it via the CMC. Hey ho !
I’ll add it to the requests / wish list :slight_smile:

Thanks again

Just for info / update;
Have tried this on Cubase 7.0 and it works just fine.
The difference in reported instruments is only a feature of Cubase 6.5 working with CMC.

(in fact browsing with a CMC PD in Cubase 7 gives a couple of extra presets ! :slight_smile: