Halion Sonic SE Audio files missing

I have Cubase 8.5 pro installed on my iMac. For the installation I used the default directories.

Recently I have purchased two loop sets from the Steinberg site and again used the default installation to install it on my Mac. After the installation I opened a project in which Halion Sonic SE is used but got an error that “some audio files are missing. Please check installation”. after that a search window opened. The missing files can’t be found… This project worked fine and was fully operational just before I installed the two additional Loop sets (Electronic Mode & Progressive House).

It looks like the two loopsets installed over the Halion SE sound files/libraries. Anyway that seems the most logic reason why I get these errors.

After re-installing Cubase my the project and Halion SE worked fine, but I guess the installed loop sets are gone.

Anyone has had this issue and knows a solution for this? Do I need to select a different directory to install the Loop Sets and if so, where can I install them so Cubase detects them?

Thanx in advance for your reply!