Halion Sonic SE basic question


I’m just starting to use Halion Sonic SE in Cubase 6.05. I use it with my MOTIF XF8.

I can add one instrument track with a HSSE voice and record.

Can I add 15 other discrete tracks, each with their own sounds and music,


Is HSSE meant to just allow one track of music with each note sounding the same?

Sorry, this is a poor explanation. It’s like on the Motif–you can either have one voice, or you can make a SONG which allows for 16 different tracks of music, each with their own sound.



An Instrument track is one sound only. It’s essentially a shotcut type of track which rolls a VST synth together with a midi channel, but it only provides one sound. If you want more sounds then you have two routes. One is to add more instrument channels, but this can be wasteful as you’ll then have many VST synths. The other way is to add a VSTi synth (using the VST Instruments panel) then add several midi channels all sending to the same instrument.

I would recommend looking at the Cubase tutorials and watching a few youtube videos so you can understand how it all works.

In fact, there’s a section specifically about this in the manual on Pg. 207 :slight_smile:


P.S. I don’t even know if HSSE is multi-output anyway, I don’t use it!!

If you create an Instrument track you can have one instance of HS SE using one sound.

If you place HS SE in the Instrument Rack (F11 opens this) you have a multitimbral instrument that can have up to 16 different voices. These voices can output in stereo, or you can activate further outputs (click on the icon just left of the instrument name in the rack to open this dialogue) so each voice can be assigned it’s own output, and thus channel in the Cubase mixer. HS SE does have it’s own internal mixer too.