Halion Sonic SE blank with no voice/patches

Guy I’m still fumbling my way through my new Cubase 12 pro setup so please bear with me.
Until now I’ve never tried to load up and use a VST. When I load up Halion I see nothing at all in the window for patches/voices. I have two HDs in this PC. One for the OS and the other dedicated to Cubase music related files.
I was thinking perhaps Halion is looking at the wrong drive or location for it’s preset patches? I don’t see way to changes this and even if I did I’m not sure where to point it to find these default patches.

Can you guys point me in the right direction?
Thank you!

Please run the Steinberg Library Manager to make sure that you’ve actually downloaded and installed the Halion Sonic SE content.

ahhh ok thanks. I’ll look into it.
thank you for a direction

Well Romantique you were correct. NOTHING was installed.
I know for sure that I installed all of the available software options when I installed Artist and again when I upgraded to Pro. How could none of this be installed?