halion sonic se causing problems many times

hi guys

i dont know if you have the same problem but halion sonic se ( great plug in, great sounds i love it ) causes me many types of problems…sometimes it does not receive midi data and does not make any sound at al, sometimes it crashes me cubase…and other things like this

i have cubase 6.0.5 version

any idea? for example my last song is being crashed because of it ( it suddenly does not make any sound)

Aloha G,

I use HASE all the time live and in the studio.

1- In the studio I have had to reload an instance while
recording but this happens rarely.

2- Live, I have never had a problem with HASE loading
and playing back. (touch wood)

Perhaps you can tell us
what (hardware) gear are you using?

hi i have i7 960, rme hdsp 9632 as audiocard, 12 gd ram, cubase 6 6 bit last version.

Dont really understand why so many problems with this plug in; i managed to solve the problem only by deleting the last version of that project …


is there anybody out there ? :slight_smile: