Halion sonic se common presets content activation

I was just working with Halion Sonic SE 3 and I noticed there were presets (Halion Sonic se common presets content ) with a red dot with a minus sign next to them. When I clicked on one I got a message to log in to my Steinberg and authorise them with an activation code. I didn’t do this straight away. The next time I tried when I reopened Cubase I didn’t get this message when clicking on the preset. If this content is available to me how do I activate it? The folder for it is in my VST sounds folder. I am using Artist 11 and recently downloaded latest version downloaded of Halion SE 3. I have an usb licensor with Cubase Artist 11 on it and it shows in the control centre.

Hi @gps

The latest version of HSSE will show all installed content. Unlicensed content will show the red sign.

This has changed because all the previous versions of Halion didn’t show unlicensed content at all.

You say you have Cubase Artist. Check if you have HSSE Pro content set installed. You might get the red signs with this library.

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I checked my Library Manager and I had Halion Sonic SE Pro content installed. Not sure how I downloaded that. I’ve deleted that from my library. I will have to wait until I get Pro at some point to see what those pre sets sound like! Thanks