Halion Sonic SE Electric Bass sound does not work in Cubase Pro 9


I installed the Halion Sonic SE Elextric Bass in the default maps. It works in Halion. But when I try to add one of the sounds in a project(Cubase Pro 9/win10) the list appears but the sound is not there. What could be the problem?
The Electric bass is mentioned in the License Key. I deinstalled and installed the ELectric Bass module, but that didn’t help.

HI and welcome,

Make sure you play in the range of samples, please. I’m not sure this library is using full 128 MIDI Notes range (it wouldn’t make much sense).

My problem is solved. I saw I did not install the latest versions of Halion Sonic and SE3. Now it works.

But: there is a new problem after the newest Win10 update.
When in Halion (and also Cubase) all effects are on, there is a weird sound companing the bass sound that makes all these effects useless. When I close them, I only hear the “pure” sound of the bass. I deinstalled and reinstalled both the Halion Sonic and Electric Bass, but i did not change anything!


Could you try to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size, please?