HALion Sonic SE error on start up

Hi all,

can I start by pointing out that I don’t use the software but am just a humble school tech support worker trying to resolve the issue for a teacher.

the reported issue is that when Cubase 6.0.7 is started on the ‘Piano + Vocal’ template the following error message pops-up ‘The plug-in HALion Sonic SE could not be found for Instrument Track Piano’ now I have exported the warning and confirmed that the files aren’t corrupt and do indeed exist.

I have tried installing the plug-in again and a fresh install of cubase Elements 6 also, I have tried to contact steinburg but gave up after 3 days of unrecognized number beeping in my ear, if someone could provision me with any contact details that would be a big hand as we often have issues with Cubase.

Thanks for any help in advanced.


Hi and welcome,

Can you add an Instrument track with HALion Sonic SE? So can you confirm, the VSTi is really installed properly?


it appears to be with every VSTi, If I add an instrument track - HALion Sonic SE and then select an instrument the selection is empty as shown in the screenshot attached.

I understand that issues can be caused when cubase can’t locate the .VSTSOUND files however I don’t know what should be there compared to what there.

Thanks for any help,



You clicked the “Program” button, right? Is it the same, if you don’t enter anything, could you try to delete the “piano” filter, please?

Could you try to reinstall Cubase from the Full Installer, please?