Halion Sonic SE error

Hello I have a problém and I seriously need a help :smiley:

I have bought Cubase Elements 9.5
and after one day of working there has been a Windows update which led to a problém with ID control (Cubase thought that my computer is a new one and didnt want to let me in). But I installed it again and the problém was solved. The same with Addictive Keys - I solved it on my AK account.

Halion Sonic SE, although its free, didnt start working even after I tried to reinstalled it, or reinstall the whole Cubase - to start from scratch.
It shows me this sign (photo) and it says: VST sound library FCL SMT 222 Basic Controls not found.

How to make it work again??? thanks!!!


If any content is missing, reinstall Cubase from the full installer, please. HALion Sonic SE is part of Cubase installer. If you don’t own Cubase and you just downloaded HALion Sonic SE free, use it’s full installer.