Halion Sonic SE FX AutoFilter automation

Using Cubase 7.5, in the Halion Sonic SE Effects tab, I have the AutoFilter effect in LFO mode. I would like to tie the LFO Freq. control to an automation track for a bass sound. How do I do that?

Right clicking on the LFO Freq control shows me a menu with only “Learn CC” being available. That seems to be only for an external controller, which is not my goal.

Any help is appreciated.


Never mind, got it figured out. In the piano roll, I assigned CC16 to an automation lane and put some values in it. Then I went to the Halion AutoFilter display and right-clicked for the menu and selected Learn CC and played the bass track with the CC16 automation. Picked it right up! Now all I have to do is figure out the way the values map, but I think that’s just a little math to get a table that maybe I can just look up somewhere.