Halion Sonic SE - Guitars

I am demoing Cubase right now and playing around with The Black Crowes song - Gone. The electric guitars in Halion Sonic SE are horrible. Am I missing something here? Is there a good Guitar plugin that Cubase users use?


Personally, I have never heard a guitar VST that sounds very good. Acoustics can sometimes sound decent but electrics always sound bad to me. Do you play a guitar? I imagine that drummers think sampled drummers sound bad. Piano players think sampled pianos sound bad, etc. Stringed instruments are probably the hardest to sample due to the infinite number of ways to fret and pluck the strings. That being said, HALion Sonic SE is an “entry level” instrument included for free with Cubase to get you started. For complex sampled instruments, Kontakt is sort of the industry “standard” but, as I mentioned, if you are a guitarist, I doubt you will find something that knocks your socks off.

I thought I would also add that you can’t play a VST instrument guitar with a MIDI keyboard the same way you play a piano and expect it to sound good. It really needs to be “programmed” to use the articulation so such as string mutes, hammer ons, bends, slides, etc., and then you can get them to sound halfway believable.

I played guitar in the past and would rather stick with midi instead of going audio from a live guitar.

I’m downloading the demo of Guitar Rig and seeing if that gets close to what I want.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Guitar Rig is not a MIdI instrument. It is basically an audio effect that simulates guitar amps and effects (excellently, I might add). I use Guitar Rig at home and rarely turn on my real amp anymore!

You should try the Kontakt demo or HALion 5 and try a guitar program that has lots of articulations.

Check out amplesound.net

The acoustic guitars sound awesome.

I haven’t used their electrics though