Halion Sonic SE & Iconica: "More preload memory required..."

I am trying to setup the Iconica orchestra library with Vienna Ensemble Pro using a template that is provided from Dorico. (It is NOT a Dorico problem, though!) But I keep getting this error:

“More preload memory requested that the maximum of 6097 MB. Some samples are not preloaded into memory and, therefore, cannot be played! Increase the preload limit or reduce the preload time to load the samples.”

I already increased the preload memory, which are coming from an NVMe. The balance is therefore set in favor of “Disk” (2nd position from the left). Nevertheless it does not work.

What do I have to do to get this working?
And what does “…or reduce the preload time to load the samples” mean? Where would I do that?

MacOS 12.6, M1, 16GB Ram
Cubase 12
Iconica (complete)
Template source: Iconica Sections & Players Templates – Dorico

Have you tried to increase the Max Preload setting even further? Iconica can be pretty RAM hungry.

The Disk-RAM balance slider has an “Expert Mode”, which can be accessed by pressing the EXP button next to it. You can read more about the different options here:

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You click the “EXP” (expert) icon in the upper left corner which changes the Disk/RAM slider to Preload and Prefetch fields that can be set to numeric values


Since you have 16 Gb of RAM, have you tried dialing up the Max Preload value to around 12 Gb or so?
If you’re going to be working with large libraries a lot, it would probably be worth your while to increase your RAM to 32 Gb (or more). 16 Gb is a little small for working with large libraries.


Looks like you type faster than I do! :wink:

Some people are up early it seems. Or very late?
Thank you for your inputs! Very much appreciated!

I didn’t want to turn up RAM too much to keep it free for the other applications. But I will try. (Updating RAM in a MacBook Pro is not possible, I’m afraid. And I couldn’t afford the 32GB machine unfortunately…)

However, I thought, when I tell HALion to read more from NVMe, why does it show up that RAM problem anyway? Shouldn’t all those samples that cannot be loaded into RAM then be read from the disc?

I haven’t run into this problem myself, so I can’t answer specifically. Here is the applicable section from the help:

  • Preload Time defines how much of the start of the samples is preloaded into the RAM. Larger values allow for more samples to be triggered in a short time.

  • Prefetch Time determines the read-ahead capacity into the RAM while streaming samples for a voice that is playing. Larger values allow for better transfer rates from disk, and usually for more voices. However, this requires larger streaming cache in RAM. If you increase the Prefetch Time, it is recommended to also increase the Streaming Cache.

  • Streaming Cache determines the amount of RAM that is reserved for prefetching. The actually needed size depends on the prefetch time, the number of simultaneously streaming voices and the audio format of the samples. For example, higher sample and bit rates need more RAM.

So maybe try decreasing the Preload Time, and if that doesn’t do it, then increase the Prefetch Time and the Streaming Cache.

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