HALion Sonic SE in Cubase 11 Pro no instruments

After having to re-install my operating system (Windows 11) it was necessary to re-install Cubase 11 Pro. All went well and Cubase is working perfectly. However HALION SE is missing all instruments despite all the HALion Sonic SE, HALion resources and Impulse Responses reporting installed successfully. Occurs in both stand alone and using the instrument within Cubase.

You need to install the content which shows in the download manager

Many thanks for your swift reply. Could you be more specific? When I first installed Cubase 10.5 I didn’t have to do anything other than install the Cubase Pro Application and instruments. Where should I be looking?


There was the Full Installer available for Cubase 10.5 in the Steinberg Download Assistant. Since Cubase 11, this has changed. Now you can download Cubase 11 only, without the content. Then from the same folder in the Steinberg Download Assistant, download all components you need, manually. The one you are asking for is named HALion Sonic SE (Content).

Dear Martin, Many thanks for getting back to me. As you stated the content is concealed in the Cubase Pro 11 download. Many many thanks. I was beginning to think I’d lost the plot. This is not a helpful human computer interface!