Halion Sonic SE Instrument slots issue (Cubase MIDI import)

Hi All
I am using Cubase 12 Pro with Halion Sonic SE in Windows 11.
My issue is when I load a third-party midi sample into Cubase, the 16 Instrument slots in Halion are filled with 16 Grand pianos every time.
If I load Halion as an instrument track, they are all empty as they should be.

What am I doing wrong please?
thanks in advance for any help.

By default, MIDI files are imported into Cubase with Halion Sonic SE loaded in General MIDI mode. In this mode, all slots besides slot 10 will default to preset 001 (acoustic piano) as defined by the GM standard.

You can change how Cubase handles imported MIDI files by opening the Preferences window, then selecting MIDI > MIDI File and changing the Destination setting.

Many thanks for your quick reply.
I have tried that.
If its in Multi-timbral I am getting 16 full slots of GM acoustic Grand Piano (with the exception of slot 10).
In Midi Tracks I just get the track but every sample sounds like a piano. Should it?

That’s normal. Your MIDI tracks are likely being routed to your Operating System’s internal MIDI synthesizer. The MIDI Tracks destination is best used if you have a hardware MIDI module or workstation.

If you’re working with third party plug-ins, I would recommend using the Instrument Tracks destination, so you can easily load a different plug-in for each track.


Many thanks for your help. That makes sense now.
Very much appreciated Romantique_Tp