halion sonic SE lost in cubase 8

Hi, I cannot find Halion Sonic SE after upgrade to Cubase 8.
when installing Simph Orch it shows that Halion Sonic is aready installed
Plugin manager do not see/find it.

I have a similar problem.
I have a fresh install of Cubase 8 AI and I can’t see Halion Sonic SE anywhere. I have a folder under Additional Content called VST Sounds but there are none in the menu when I click F11.

I also have a fresh installation of Cubase AI 8 (on Windows 7), and at first could not load any presets into HALion Sonic SE - the VST instrument itself was selectable, but only an empty frame.

I then searched for “Halion” in my Cubase folder and found two .msi files (HALionSonicSE.msi or HALionSonicSE_64bit.msi and HALionSonicSE_Content_for_Cubase_LE_AI_Elements.msi).

After installing these two .msi files I can use Halion Sonic properly - i.e. I can load presets and programs, and play back MIDI files via HALion.

Maybe this helps?

I reinstalled Cubase 8, but it says that I need to reactivate the HALion Sonic SE registration number. It doesn’t come up in “my products” on my Steinberg account… I don’t understand why, as I had HALion the first time I downloaded Cubase. Cubase is pretty worthless without any presets, and I really don’t want to experiment with bad-quality plugins you can get for free. Any suggestions?

I would suggest to install the latest version of HALion Sonic SE (version 3) which can be found here :

best regards