Halion Sonic SE Missing Presets in Cubase 7

I only have 18 presets after install of Cubase 7 and HAlion Sonic SE content DVD install. I have unintall/reinstall HAlion SE and it is still the same. How do I get the full content?

On Windows 7, I have upgraded fom Cubase AI 6(with Sonic SE) to Cubase 7. I did not uninstall AI6.

reset the search filter in the preset browser.

In Halion Sonic, even after i reset, the GM patches still do not show up in the preset browser when i access them from the top slot where you can “load preset and save presets”. :question: Any solutions?

i installed the 1.6.3 update to Halion Sonic, and it took care of the missing GM presets :exclamation: :smiley:

For me the issue resolved when I clicked un-checked and then re-checked the locations for Halion Sonic SE.