Halion Sonic SE Not Working

I have Cubase 8 Pro running on a new Windows 10 PC with an i7 sixth gen Intel processor and 32GB RAM, with 2 SSD drives.

While Halion Sonic SE shows up in my Track Instruments, and only when filtering on Steinberg (See Pic) not as a VST, it doesn’t play no matter which instrument or preset I try.

Isn’t Halion Sonic SE included with Cubase Pro?

Any ideas as to why it won’t play?

I might buy the Halion Sonic 2, but not if I can’t hear how it’s supposed to sound. My other REAL VST instruments added as Track Instruments or added as Rack Instruments do actual play.

See attached pics

VST Q3.jpg
VST Q2.jpg
VST Q1.jpg

Run the Cubase Pro 8 installer again. It seems like you might not have any of the stock VST instruments installed. (in the VST Q1.jpg screenshot you would have a Drums folder if you had Groove Agent SE 4 installed.)

After reinstalling everything (you wont lose your settings), do the following to use Halion Sonic SE 2:

  1. Right click the track list and add a MIDI track
  2. Add a “Rack Instrument”. HSSE2 should be inside the Synth folder.

  1. Click the MIDI track you added and set the output to Halion Sonic SE

Assuming your keyboard and audio interface are connected and setup correctly, you should now hear sound.

Note that both Halion Sonic SE 2 and Halion Sonic 2 have different sounds, and HS2 has more features and editability compared to SE2. HS SE2 comes with a sound set that’s for the most part taken straight from the Motif Classic/Motif ES by Yamaha, while the full version of HS2 comes with a much newer, more convincing sound set. I would say Halion Sonic SE 2 isn’t a good demonstration of how HS2 will sound, but if you like HSSE2 I’m sure you’ll love HS2. The sounds with “VX” and “NoteExp” in the name are the closest to the stuff Halion Sonic 2 has.


I have just come across exactly the same issue as described here - ie, NO sounds and NO sound selection displayed when opening Halion Sonic SE3, from my full version of Cubase Pro 10.5!

I have re-installed the full program again (on my E drive, since my C drive is basically full) - but still nothing!

Can someone advise WHERE exactly should the SE3 vst sound files should exist?

was there an answer for the last question? I have the same problem, I guess it is a routing problem… but cann’t find the way. An empty soundboard in SE3. Audio, Midi and Prologue are working fine.