Halion Sonic SE plugin issue

I have Cubase Elements 8 and installed the free Halion Sonic 3 SE, but I’m getting this error message when I open cubase:
“Halion Sonic SE
The host application did not reload the plugin
properly. Please restart the host.”

I tried everything I could think of: I reinstalled Halion, didn’t help so I deleted everything including Cubase and started over with all the updates… still, no help.

The standalone Halion program works with no issue, just the plugin in Cubase doesn’t load.

I’m on MacBook Pro 2016, running High Sierra.

Please help?

I am having the same issue with the free version of Halion Sonic SE 3
I am running Cubase AI 8 on High Sierra.


I also have the same problem Since I installed the free version of Halion Sonic SE 3 I cannot operate my regular plugin in Cubase Pro 8
I tried to do everything I could think of nothing works. When I open Cubase Pro 8 I get the same message on and on. the host application did not reload the plugin properly, please restart the host?..

I Took the aap and put it into the trash, restarted my Mac and the same happened again, I reinstalled the Upgrade to Pro 8.040 did nothing, I reinstalled th original Cubase Pro 8 file nothing, I used Time Machine to restore the Cubase Pro 8 app before the Halion SE 3 download, and nothing changed.
I can see that unfortunately you posted some problems on this forum and nobody answered from Steinberg ,Pity

MY QUESTION IS why offer a free download to the customers if it’s going to cause them huge problems???

High Sierra is likely the culprit.

This is now occurring in Cubase 9.5 since the 9.5.1 update. Hopefully someone will answer.

This occurs on my Mac as well: Cuvbase 8.5 on HighSierra

Cubase Halion Sonic SE
The host application did not reload the plugin properly. Please restart the host.


Just updated HalionSonic SE 3 (file from January 2018). Now it’s working fine under Cubase 8.5 and HighSierra :smiley:

I have the same problem on windows 7 with Cubase 8. Any suggestions to solve this problem?

[SOLVED] just update “Platform Update for Windows 7” path. https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/115000130464-HALion-Sonic-3-update-FAQ#requirements

I was just testing HALion 6 to try and reproduce a customer problem and I got that same problem complaining about the host application not reloading.

The thing is, it’s OUR host (Gig Performer) and in the four years of development, I have never seen any other plugin complain about this — I don’t even know what it even means to not reload a plugin properly.

This is on a Mac running 10.14