Halion Sonic SE presets should be fully editable by Halion 6 users.

Editing sample-based HS SE presets is current extremely limited. You can only change parameters from the “Macro” and “Sound” tabs, everything else doesn’t work.

The sample-based HS SE presets mostly come from the original Yamaha Motif which for the most part aren’t included with current Yamaha keyboards. It doesn’t make sense to block them off like this when Halion Sonic 3 comes with samples from the Motif XS/XF, which are still “current”.

It would be great if we were given the same level of editability as the Halion Sonic Factory Library. (it would be even better if the original HS SE multisamples could be added to Halion Sonic’s Layer library, but that would just be a nice bonus)

Wasn’t even aware of this. This should be fixed.

Halion sonic se content is editable in halion 6. But most of the stuff that comes with cubase has copyprotection and is locked away. Someone once said it is due to license restrictions or something like that. Check out an answer I gave to a similar post how to find out:

Also if you create your own halion sonic se content with the library creator, you can decide what to lock and what to keep accessible.

I hope that sheds some light :slight_smile:

Another possibility would be for Steinberg/Yamaha to sell the original Motif sound set (maybe even including the Motif ES/S90 ES sounds) as a Halion expansion, including full editability. The vast majority of these sounds aren’t included with the modern Motifs or the Yamaha Montage, and those that are are very useful for layering.

I know a lot of people would buy it for a more accurate recreation of the Power Grand alone. That piano is immensely popular.