Halion Sonic SE Set Missing ?

Hi Folks…I’m as green as they come at this. Could anybody in the know on the forum tell me if HS SE should contain the PRO set along with Basic & Artist ? If It indeed should have then could my problem be that i upgraded from LE 6 to Elements 7 by download ? Obviously if the PRO set doesn’t ship with this then at least I’ll save myself alot of hair-tearing trying to find what’s not there ! At the moment between the Basic and Artist Sets i have 585 but i’d read elsewhere there should be another 300 + with the Pro set. If I am missing these files then how would i go about getting them ?

Ta for any help in advance.

I am about 99% certain that the Pro Set only comes with the full version of Cubase. There is also an Artist Set that, I believe, comes with Artist. Elements only comes with the Basic Set.

Thanks for the reply Jaslan…with Elements 7 I already have the Basic and Artist(In HSSE) giving me 535 in total. Only the Steinberg comparison chart for…C7, Artist7 and Elements 7 says their should be 935 in Elements 7 so that’s why i’m puzzled ?..I’ve contacted Steinberg in any case and posed them the question but meanwhile while i’m pondering the idea of upgrading to the full package Cubase 7 it would be nice to have everything i’m supposed to have at the moment.

Thanks again.

Hi there,

the comparison chart says 935 Presets for all integrated VST Instruments and not only in HALion Sonic SE.
Seems to be all-right with 535 in HALion Sonic SE.



Much obliged Marcus…as I said in my OP i’m new to this Cubase thing…but hooked all the same !..just needed to clarify that…(935 Presets for ALL integrated VST Instruments explains it)


Hi cowpuncher,

no problem, you are welcome.



Hey Cowpuncher -

Although I guess this thread is done - I was wondering if you got your answer? I am very new to Cubase, so I’m sure I have things messed up. When I add an instrument track and select Halion Sonic SE - I only see a total of 14 instruments listed. I don’t see many of the instruments mentioned in some tutorials and text books I have. I have C7 full version and installed the complete Halion Sonic SE content that came with the C7 package. I guess there is a path setup in Cubase that I have wrong. Or maybe 14 is all you get? Do you know?


I’m now no longer confused.
In Cubase. I added several new paths under Devices/Plug-In Information/VST2.x Plug-in Paths
I now have lots of .vstsound files for Halion Sonic SE