Halion Sonic SE - Simple Sine Wave

I’m trying to get a basic sine wave. Halion has a Solo Sine setting- the sound is fine but it has portamento. Ugh!

I’m a complete novice at this stuff - is there a way to turn portamento off? Thanks!

I’m not an expert on these things, I’m afraid, but it would be worth exploring the ‘Edit’ page in the HSSE interface to see if any of the parameters provided for the sound control the portamento effect.

To turn off the portamento, you can reduce the “Glide Time”. It’s assigned to the second knob of the Quick Controls which you’ll find above the virtual keyboard of Halion Sonic SE.

Thanks Martin90 - that did the trick! But no good deed goes unpunished. Is there any way to get a sharper attack on the sound?

To get more “punch” on the attack, you could use an envelope shaper, for example. I don’t know if it comes with Halion Sonic SE or the full Halion (which might happen to extend Halion Sonic SE as well), but I have a corresponding dynamics setting available in the “EFFECTS” section. In column “Main” of the “EFFECTS” tab, set FX1 to [Dynamics > Envelope Shaper]. Now you get additional knobs, one of which allows to intensify the attack.
Instead of Halion Sonic, you could also use a synthesizer to modify simple wave sounds or design more complex sounds. Surge is a pretty good free one that’s compatible with Dorico because it’s available as VST3 plugin.

Thanks again Martin90. Very cool!

Dear @Martin90,

Thank you for your tip! It has helped me too. However, now I don’t know what happens; I get portamento effect even editing those parameters. I have recorded this video to let you see what I think is wrong (that small column item at the left bottom corner), but I don’t know how to fix it to the lower value.


Many thanks for considering my request,

Dear lagofe,

the moving wheel at the bottom left in Halion SE is the “mod wheel” that in your case changes the amount of modulation/vibrato applied to the sine sound. Dorico probably sends automation data to Halion SE which affects the mod wheel (CC1). Maybe you can post your Dorico project (or a reduced version) here so that we can have a look at what’s going on there.

Sure! Thank you very much for your quick reply.

There it goes :wink:

Thank you so much in advance
I get along without you very well forum.dorico.zip (426 KB)

The CC1 data is triggered by the HSO expression map assigned to the trumpet player. If you change it to the CC11 map – similar to the other 2 players – the modulation changes should go away. You can do this in Play mode by clicking on the cog wheel in the right panel.

Thank you so much! You nailed it!