Halion Sonic SE: "Some content could not be loaded"

Updated Cubase 9.5 Elements to version 9.5.40 on Windows 10 pro version 1809.

After the update, I get an error message (See picture: error message 1) when I start up Cubase Elements. When I start a project with Halion Sonic SE, I get another but related error message (See picture: error message 2).

I had similar messages in the past after a Halion update, but I could move some files mentioned in the error message to the Halion vstsound locations to stop them from popping up again.

Also, it may be relevant to note that I accidentally installed and removed an Halion 3 update (Halion updates are confusing), instead of the Halion Sonice SE update.

What I tried:
I read these posts on this forum:

I removed some _HS_ files, and it removed the messages but also caused Halion to function properly.

However, this time I have no idea how to remove the error messages without re-installing the application. Any suggestions?
Error Message 2.png
Error Message 1.png


These are HALion Sonic (HS), not HALion Sonic SE (HSSE) sounds. If you want to use them, you need to buy HALion Sonic application. You have to remove all HS files.

My experience is, that the best is to remove the whole library and install it again from scratch (HSSE only).