Halion (Sonic SE, Sonic, 6) randomly stops producing sound...


Does anyone else have this problem:

  • Load up any of the Halions
    Pick any patch
    It plays normally for 5 to 20 minutes
    Suddenly it stops producing sound. I can hit the keys and I see the output meters move EVER so slightly. If I put all sorts of gain on the channel, I can barely hear a sound although this eventually stops also.
    Changing the patch has no effect. Unload Halion and load up another instance and everything plays fine…for another 5 to 20 minutes.
    The transport is not running so it isn’t some sort of automation thing. All faders are unmoved from their original positions. The volume output on the VI is unchanged. The VI just “goes dead” sound-wise.
    This is very consistent behavior and occurs over all projects.

I know this is likely one of those “Dude, it’s your system” type situations, but on the off chance that others have heard of this, I thought I’d ask.

Any insight appreciated. TIA



Are you sure you don’t send any MIDI CC by accident, which causes it? CC7 or CC11?

Do you use any Remote device or Quick Controls?

Thank you Martin.

I will go back to double check, but I am pretty certain that I do not. It seems to “time out” is the best way to describe it.

I’ll go and re-check though. Thank you for the response.

same issue as above … any insights thanks

Hi same issue as above , yet no solution in sight , May be . perhaps , i may have found out why ?? may be i am wrong , i am a legal owner of Halion 4 and Halion sonic ( 1 st version ) n only these Vsti get timed out …
so perhaps its because , when i purchased they were 32 bit , and i believe , Cubase 9.5 pro , stopped all support for 32 bit plug in ?? , pls corect me some one .
if so why stop support for 32 bit plug ins ??
is a a sales thing or technical issue ?? why not bring back the suppport for 32 bit plug ins ?? i have to switch between cubase 7.5 and 9.5 when i work … makes it so messy and complicated… and may be my H 4 and Halionsonic gets timed out because of this ?? appreciate any insights thankx ws…

That has nothing to do with the thread starter’s issue.

Hi all.

So this was indeed a “dude it’s your system issue”.

It turns out that I had the wrong types of control pedals going into my Komplete Kontrol 88 … as well as some weird settings set in the controller’s setting editor software. It was a really bizarre fluke. Turns out it affected just about everything, but the Halion stuff was especially sensitive to whatever was going on so would display symptoms quicker than other VSTs.

Really weird. But there it is.

Thanks all for responding.