Halion Sonic SE stand-alone, how to save settings?

This seems like a dumb question. That is, it seems like I must be missing something really obvious.

For my DAW/notation work, I recently replaced a Yamaha synth with a Nektar MIDI keyboard. The Nektar has no build-in synth. So if I want to just play something without using the DAW, I need to run a synth app. That is no problem as I have the stand-alone Halion Sonic SE app. That works OK. But the problem is that every time I launch the app, it comes up without any sounds loaded, so I have to go in and select sounds and any other options I might want.

Is there some way to save all the settings so that they come up automatically when I launch the stand-alone Halion SE app?

You could load the sounds you want and then right click in the area where you load and save multi programs. Choose Save as Default.

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Thanks. That will work OK for me. I will load my favorite 16 patches , assign them all to MIDI 1 and then I can solo whichever one I want at the moment. It is a simple solution that will suit my needs fine.

The above solution will work for me, but I am curious if there are other solutions that people use that might be more flexible. I guess my question is what software people tend to use for more complex live playing situations. I suppose most people just use racks of keyboard synthesizers, but do some people use MIDI keyboards running into VSTIs for live performance? If so, what kind of software is used to allow them to call up patches as they play through the set?

Here is an article that has some good ideas on the above question.

Most of these products are really complicated, targeted at people using exotic synthesizers or people wanting to use VST effects from a digital mixing console. I would be looking for something much simpler. Basically a program where I can enter a playlist, and then have the VSTis and their settings pulled up for each song as I go through the set. I haven’t yet found a program that was designed for such a simple purpose.

Have you checked out Steinberg’s own VST Live?

No. I was not aware of it. Looks like a great product. Probably well beyond my immediate needs, but definitely worth exploring.