Halion Sonic SE - Strings - less vibrato/tremolo

Looks like I can’t post in the VST instrument forum, so I hope this is OK, mods please move as appropriate.

I’d like to make the strings less Mantovani, more straight pitch/volume than the default uber-tremolo/vibrato sounds (viola/cello/violin). Couldn’t find anything in the control panel or the manual to help me do that … is it possible with this product? Thanks -

Aloha a,

This might one of those limitation of the ‘SE’ version.

There is lots more control/editing etc in the full blown
Halion Sonic version. (now HS2)

And total full control/editing with the ‘big boy’ version,
‘Halion 5’.


Fair enough, thanks C.

Funnily enough, when I went to my Motif Classic to try to edit the tremolo/vibrato out of its string voices I found that wasn’t possible either (at least I couldn’t, and found several people on the internet complaining that it couldn’t get done). It’s a Yamaha thing, I guess!

Looking at buying some Product that I can put in my Motif, these things usually run less than $50, much less than buying the full Halion, e.g.!

Thanks -

Agreed, my MO6 (same soundset as Motif 7 iirc) has some very nice flutes with a silly vibrato on them I can’t get rid of. Such a shame :frowning:



For the XS only? Hopefully it’s good for your MO6, Stroph, I don’t think it’ll work in my old Motif Classic.

That one doesn’t appear to be available for the MO, and it’s a bit expensive :p.

These are though: http://shop.motifator.com/index.php/voice-libraries/mo-voice-libraries.html
Mainly this one might be interesting. http://shop.motifator.com/index.php/voice-libraries/mo-voice-libraries/orchestr-ale-voice-bank-for-yamaha-motif-es-rack-es-mo6-mo8-motif-xs-motif-rack-xs-s90-es.html

Not really convinced by the demo songs though.

Don’t forget that if a sound has been sampled with vibrato, you are then stuck with it (especially if it is, e.g. a string section, with multiple vibratos happening, otherwise you might be able to reduce it for monophonic notes via something like AutoTune… which will then get your listeners saying “Hey, I didn’t know that Cher played violin!” :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Can’t speak for the HSSE vibrato, but the vibrato on my keyboard doesn’t sound sampled at all, it’s hardly natural :sunglasses:

I opened the SE Artist Solo Violin in H5. If the “not natural” vibrato is coming from an LFO, that LFO is in the locked layer.

Short answer, you can’t get at any parameter that would allow you to remove the vibrato.

Halion Sonic SE went out of their way to make sure that they articulated the sounds in ways that you would be LOCKED into their sound. You WILL use this EFFECT or DIE!.