Halion Sonic Se, the edit window is too small

With Halion sonic SE I find the edit window is too small. I cant see all the controls to edit the instrument i am working with. How do i Correct this ???

Hi Explainlight
Are you using a 2k or even 4k monitors to view your Sonic SE? If so I have this problem too I think it is only possible but don’t quote me on this to view in 1920 x 1080. Just out of curiosity which Instrument are you trying to edit and can’t see the controls on?

I was using Sonicatoms Novel Piano when i was having problem last night i got frustrated, in Windows10 i unistalled everything, ELicenser control center, Steinberg Library Manager and Halion Sonic SE. Changed my mind and installed everything in that exact same order and to my surprise the probem went away. Very Odd. Not sure what happened. Now its working correctly in Standalone mode and in Reaper Daw. Wow the hoops you have to jump thru installing Steinberg Products!

I know it can be a pain but i’m glad to hear you got sorted in the end… Enjoy!