Halion sonic se to halion 6

ive just bought an upgrade from halion se to halion 6
and it shows no upgrade available in the activation even though a code has also been purchased
ive now got a halion 6 front end that wont load and have just wasted 161 pounds for the trouble
please be aware that this is not clear at the buying stage even though steinberg said it is ok to do this
from halion se to halion 6 i have either misunderstood this at the beginning…
i feel like a pratt

any help would be appreciated

The upgrade is from the FULL version of Halion Sonic to Halion 6. Compared to Halion Sonic SE, the full Halion Sonic has almost completely different sounds and allows for much deeper editing.

Contact the Steinberg Shop support to receive a refund: https://shop.steinberg.net/c/shop?ml=EN&page=customerservice

yes cheers for the heads up
im looking now to upgrade halion sonic se to se3