Halion Sonic SE

Hi guys,

Installed Cubase 6 x64 today, all worked out fine :slight_smile:

I was very interested in trying out Halion Sonic SE(I’ve planned to buy the full version) - but the sound quality is simple AWFUL! All samples are lousy! They’re so noisy and badly sampled that it I can’t even evaluate the product!

I sincerely hope that the full version has 10x better quality, or ?

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is it only me who thinks the sounds are really bad sampled? With lots of white noise and really low quality?

// Lazze

I don’t now what SE stands for but what about the actual sounds are they usable besides the noise as you put it?

Sounds to me like a bad download/files or an incompatibility. Halion One was nowhere close to that description and Halion Sonic SE is supposed to be the revised followup, isn’t it? Including all the Halion One sounds plus? Something’s got to be wrong.

SE is the limited version of the full Halion Sonic version.

I think it means “Standard Edition” and if so surely it can’t actually contain noisy samples?

Have you tried Halion SE yourself?

I just tried some of the drum kits (dance, pop, techno) - they sounded like they where sampled at 22khz using a 8bit sampler. Then I listened to some of the synth bass sounds and they where also “noisy”.

I want sounds with a clean and punchy sound.

// Lazze

Doesn’t sound promising :cry:

I was hoping SE meant at least 16 bits. It seemed people were happy with that.

Maybe you are listening to the samples of old drum machines that are included?

Sounds fine to me, very usable.

Can you name a specific sound/patch with which you have a problem?

I guess most of the sounds (especially the general midi stuff) is directly lifted from some Yamaha synth. That would be the only explanation for too short loops and very audible loop points. Note Expression actually can salvage some of these but all in all I don’t think I’ll ever use this one. Obviously I’m comparing this to stuff that I already have (NI Komplete and Omnisphere for synth stuff and samples for “real” instrument sounds) so I’m probably not in the initial target group either.

Naw, I think I skip the whole HALion paradigm … it’s just too plastic.
I listened to some demos from the installation DVD for HALion Sonic trial. Very antiseptic.
Too bad since now I will have to rethink some GM projects … :cry:

But I don’t hear what Lazzerman is hearing in terms of distortin’n’stuff?

I have taken some more time today to listen through the sounds.

My conclusions so far

  1. The drum samples are of very shifting quality ( RnB and Electronic have some really bad samples)
  2. Some samples are badly “looped” - they “click and pop” when you release
  3. There are some REALLY good sounds :slight_smile:
  4. There are some really good loops
  5. CPU use is moderate/low on my system

Overall: Good - Komplete 7/Kontakt still better

I had real bad luck yesterday, I managed to select all the bad drum kits as my “first listen”

// Lazze

What did you expect in a DAW? Are you seriously comparing some “bonus” sounds included in a Digital Audio Workstation to a full featured instrument package like Komplete?

Anyway, most fabulous music in history has been made with noisier and shorter looped sounds. I still can do pretty nice music with a 3 channel sound chip. :slight_smile:

You guys need to focus on what is Cubase about, IMHO.


I’m planning to buy Halion Sonic/Hal 4 - so I wanted a test drive. I do understand that Komplete 7 is a “better”/more expensive alternative.

I just had real bad luck, test listening some really bad samples when I first started Halion Sonic SE - there are many good ones there as well.

Overall, I’m pleased with the C6 upgrade. I hade some power-profile problems at first, but they “sorted out” them self.

// Lazze