Halion Sonic SE

I cant seem to make Halion Sonic SE work at all. Just installed the Cubase AI 8 software, did all the licensing crap and Cubase is working to play back tracks but when I try to change midi presets I don’t see Halion as even an option. I have done a Mediabay scan on all drives. Not sure what else to do.

I performed a search for Halion on my PC and found a folder that is named Halion One. The date is correct for when I loaded the software. It appears to be in the folder where I loaded the program. I cant make the main “e” interface come up at all or it opens in a little box that says “no vst instrument”.

When I did my install I did not choose drive C because that is my system drive. I chose another drive and just named the folder conveniently. Could this be part of the problem?

Have I done something wrong? Is something not configured properly from the install? Is Steinberg messing with my head? :frowning:

Press F11 and see if you can find Halion Sonic SE in the list of available VST instruments.

I will try this when I am free again. Secular employment is expecting me to show up again, so I may not get to this until late tonight or tomorrow evening. Thanks for the suggestion and any further help you may be able to provide.

The default path that HS is usually installed to is C:\Program Files|Common Files|Steinberg|Shared Components\HALion Sonic SE.

If you installed it to a different location then you will need to point Cubase to that path. To do this go to Devices>Plug-in Manager. The bottom portion of the screen shows the VST 2 Plug-in Path Settings. Click on the Plug-in Manager Setting button (gear looking icon) then the + button to add your path. HS is a VST 3 instrument but… you have add the path where you installed it somewhere and this is the place to do it. Also, don’t forget to hit the Rescan button for CB to see the new path. If that rescan button does not work you may have to restart CB.

Good luck. :wink:

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Appreciate the replies.

F11 shows nothing in the list.

Trying to point to different paths in plugin manager but get registry errors and then it freezes. Have to shut down CB from task manager to try again. In the components folder it only has a folder called Audiocodecs. I’ll try the vst folder.

Where did you install the HS software? Hopefully not in a Cubase system folder. You should not be messing around in the folders you mentioned.

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“Where did you install the HS software?” I didn’t install HS software separately. Am I supposed to? I only installed Cubase AI 8. I assumed it was part of the AI software. Didn’t see anything anywhere to indicate that I would have to install a separate software application, if that’s what you mean. If it is supposed to be part of the AI package I don’t know where Cubase installed it. That’s my problem. I cant find it.

I guess I misunderstood when I read your statement…

Regardless, I’m sure Halion Sonic SE should have been installed with your Cubase AI 8 software. Nothing else to do. Where yours was installed I do not know because you mentioned installing Cubase to your own specific path.

Interesting that you have a folder named Halion One as that is the old name of the VSTi that was included prior to CB 6 (I believe).

The last thing I can suggest is to make sure Cubase is set to “run this program as an administrator”. I have had issues when a VSTi would only load showing that little box (although it was never with a Steinberg VST, it was always a third party VST) that was solved when I checked the run as admin box.

One last, last thing… The file that starts Halion is named “HALion Sonic SE.dll”. Try a search for that and if found make sure it is located in a path that is being scanned by Cubase. If not then either copy it to a path that Cubase uses or add the path location per the procedure previously discussed.

If these ideas don’t help then maybe it is time for a reinstall.

Please let us know how/if you get this sorted. Thanks.

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