halion sonic se2 how to install on Cubase elements 8

Hi, could you please help me in installing Halion sonic se 2 on Cubase elements, I’ve just run the Halionsonic_se64bit exe, I can open it on Cubase Elements 8 but there’s no sounds…Have I to run other exe or doing something else?
Same thing for Groove Agent SE 4 I can open it but there’s no library and no sound…My PC is Windows 7 64bit+Cubase Elements 8 E-licenser just bought last August
Halion-Groove agent how to install.jpg


Run the main Cubase installer again (Start Center).
It should show you what’s already installed and give you options to install missing content or uninstall/reinstall what’s already there.

Thank u very much!!!Now it works!!! God bless u!!!