Halion Sonic SE2 missing from fresh install of Pro 9

Hi all, I’ve been running Cubase Pro for a couple of years now and as luck would have it, the hard drive finally died. Upon carrying out a fresh install of the OS (Win 7) and Cubase Pro 9.x, I tried loading up some projects that I created before the crash. I found that the tracks assigned to Halion Sonic SE2 came up null, and indeed, Halion Sonic SE2 is nowhere to be found on the system.

I had a look at the Steinberg download sites (both web and ftp) and can’t see it listed anywhere. Any ideas how I can get it back on the system? Thanks in advance.

You’ll have to use the full Cubase installer. Check the downloads tab on your MySteinberg:


I would recommend letting it reinstall everything just to make sure that you’re not missing anything else.

Ah. I had upgraded to 9 from 8.5 - wasn’t aware that was a cut-down install. I’ll give that a try - thanks.