Halion Sonic SE2 not playing all sounds

In my full band score, I have 6 banks of Aria player setup with many channels, all playing sounds.
My seventh bank is Halion Sonic SE setup with 8 channels, sounds selected from Halion SO. When the Halion Sonic SE2 is open and I choose a bank, the white keys play the proper sound in the Helion Sonic SE2. The channels appear properly in the Dorico mixer.

Problem, only bank 5 and 6 are playing during playback. And, when I enter notes, only the staves assigned to bank 5 & 6 sound the notes as I enter. The other staves assigned to other channels in the Halion Sonic SE2 do not sound during playback and do not sound when I enter notes.

I have tried all combinations of mute and solo, doesn’t help.

Score attached, can you tell me what is wrong? Thank you!

PS: tried to attache score, got this error msg: Invalid file extension: Dorico J14B 2017-09-25b test perc.dorico
looks like .dorico is the file extension, that’s what the program uses, how can this be wrong?

Zip up your Dorico file in order to attach it.

Put it into a zip file, the zip file size is 3.61 MB. Tried to attach it, now it says “File too large.”
The original file size is 3745KB.
I sure would love to have you be able to take a look at this…

Do you have access to Dropbox or another similar file-sharing service? You can copy it to your Dropbox and then share the link here.

Here’s the link: Dropbox - File Deleted
Can you download it so I can take the link off the forum?
Thanks Daniel!

I’ve downloaded the file.

I think the only problem here is simply due to the lack of any proper implementation for percussion playback in the current version of Dorico: there’s no way to tell Dorico that when you write a note on e.g. a snare drum or a tam-tam that it needs to play a specific pitch on the patch you’ve got loaded into HALion Sonic SE. This is one of the many aspects of percussion that we are working on at the moment. It will all be possible to set up in a much more straightforward way in the forthcoming update.

Thanks so much for taking a look, I’ll stop trying and trying to get it to work.
Any idea about when the forthcoming update will forthcome? A month? A year?
I need to know if I should start my next score with percussion in Dorico, or just wait.
Thanks so much for your timely and thorough responses!

The next update is coming later this autumn, so a bit longer than a month, but absolutely nothing like a year.

Great! Can’t wait to get it! Thanks again for excellent product support and communication!